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This is the home page of the “Peace Building Study Group”, which has been formed with Professor Yasunobu Sato, of Tokyo University as leader, and other members.
Included here is various information regarding our study group and open study-meeting schedules, which you are invited to join. We strive to provide a wide variety of information including a database of books on peace building. Please utilize our page!!
Noteworthy Event Reporting

We are now planning the next international symposium relating to the peacebuilding in Cambodia in October (Please wait for more details)

We sometimes joint host some international symposium, e.g., PBSG and Graduate Program on Human Security of the Unviersity of Tokyo have held the international symposium "Peace-building for Human Security: How to Deal with War on Terror?" in this spring. We have recieved a lot of feedback from various people and Asahi Newspaper covered this event. The following is the program of the symposium. Please wait for the next symposium.

Graduate Program on Human Security, International Symposium on Spring 2006

'Peace-building for Human Security: How to Deal with War on Terror?'

VENUE: Hall of the Graduate School of Mathematical Science, Komaba Campus,The University of Tokyo

DATE&HOUR: March 10, 2006(Fri) 13:30-17:30(Open 13:00)

COORDINATOR: Yasunobu SATO, Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo/ Director, PBSG

OPENING REMARKS: Susumu YAMAKAGE, Ghairperson, Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Takahiro SHINYO, Director-General(Ambassador), Global Issues Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

COMMENT: Kazumi OKAMURA, The University of Tokyo, Public Prosecutor at the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, Former Director of International Affairs, Ministry of Justice


1. 'Conflict Management in Afghanistan'
by Faizah Binte Abdul SAMAT, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Nanyang Technological University
Comments: Katsuya KODAMA, Mie University / ex-S.G., International Peace Research Association

2. Human Rights and Human Security in Palestine'
by Bassem EID, Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group
Comments: Hisae NAKANISHI, Dean, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University

3. 'A Coexistence and Cooperation Approach with Muslim Population in Selected European and Asian Countries'
by Ge[']za TESSE[']NYI, The Intercultural Communication and Leadership School
Comments: Yuji ISHIDA, The University of Tokyo / Rep. of Comparative Genocie Studies(GCS)

CLOSING REMARKS: Yoichi KIBATA, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo


SPONSOR: Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo

CO-SPONSORS: Peace-building Studies Group(PBSG)
Comparative Genocide Studies(GCS)
Comparative Study of the Regional Formation and the Regional Relations under Globalization

SUPPORTERS: Japan Association for Peace Studies, The Asahi Newspaper, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice

COOPERATOR: Japan International Volunteer Center

See also: The website of Graduate Program on Human Security of the University of Tokyo

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