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15th Meeting(F.Y. 2005)


Prof. Yasunobu SATO(University of Tokyo), Prof. Katsuya KODAMA(Mie University), Associate Prof. Osamu ARAKAKI(Shigakukan University), Prof. Hisae NAKANISHI(Nagoya University), Associate Prof. Tsuyoshi OHIRA(University of Kitakyushu), Associate Prof. Yuto KITAMURA(Nagoya University), Associate Prof. Mitsugi ENDO(University of Tokyo), Masatsugu SUGIMOTO(CDIC, Assistant), Masakazu HAYAKAWA(CDIC, Assistant), Satoshi YAMAMOTO(Nagoya University, Assistant)/ Total 11

1. DP and BL(Publications)

The publication schedule of the Discussion Paper(DP)and the Booklet(BL)was confirmed. The latest publication of DP is No.7 by prof. FUTAMURA and of BL is No.4 by associate prof. OHIRA. It was confirmed that it was possible to publish it to No.6, considering the budget for BL at current year.

2. Series of Peacebuilding Studies(Publications)

Although it had been scheduled to publish a series of peacebuilding studies with 3 books, it was agreed that it was necessary to readjust the plan. The plan to publish three volumes was adjusted to two volumes, and it was proposed and agreed to decide the policy of the two books in around April, and to submit the first draft by August. It was confirmed that four aspects([1] conflict management governance; [2] conflict factor analysis; [3] humanitarian assistance; [4] human development, simbiosis and conflict prevention) having been presented by Prof. SATO were assumed to apply not to the volume I(theory part)only, but to the entire series. It was also agreed that the focus of the "development" was targeted not only to "economical development", but rather to "human and social development". It was confirmed to request writing also to the reporters of open seminar, and to start writing volume I anyway.

3. International Symposium

The International Symposium is planned with the theme "Terrorism and peacebuilding" on March 10. Joint host of HSP and CGS, and the backup of Asahi Shimbun, Mitsubishi Research Institute, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Peace Boat were prospective. It was confirmed that the selection of keynote address person and the adjustment of the time of the question and answer were necessary.

4. The Next Fiscal Budget

The budget in the coming year is comparatively a litle sum. The expenditure will be almost for publications. The possibility of especially working on the problem of prevention of genocide and refugees etc. was proposed as a research theme after the next fiscal year.

5. Open Seminar in the future

The plan for example, to invite a development consultant in the United States for open seminar, and to hold some seminar in time with the conference of UNESCO in MIE prefecture were proposed.

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